Your Sex Horoscope for the Weekend

By | July 10, 2020

What’s happening: Tonight, the Moon is in dreamy Pisces, and tomorrow, it springs into headstrong, fiery Aries. On Sunday, the Sun harmonizes with emotional, mysterious Neptune, and Mercury Retrograde finally comes to an end! The Sun opposes Jupiter, planet of luck and abundance, on Tuesday, and on Wednesday, the Sun opposes Pluto, planet of power, control, and transformation.

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What’s that mean for you?


Tonight’s not your night, Aries—the Pisces Moon’s influence is putting you way too deep in your feels to even think about getting lucky, so your best bet is to chill by yourself tonight. The Moon enters your sign tomorrow, though, putting you in a way better mood and helping you feel more confident and bold—getting your flirt on is a total breeze. Put yourself out there and hit up your crush, or start swiping on your fav dating apps, and you can pick up aaaallll the hotties this weekend. You risk coming off as too much, though, so if the other person isn’t picking up what you’re laying down, don’t push them—just move on someone who wants you just as much as you want them! The intense astro-weather with Jupiter and Pluto during the week is perfect for wearing yourself out with some of the most memorable, exciting sex (or sexting) you’ve had in a long time!


Tonight’s Pisces Moon is helping you make new connections, so open up your fav dating apps and start swiping! You’ve been struggling to feel flirty and fun lately, thanks to Mercury Retrograde, but guess what? On Sunday, the retrograde is officially over, so you’re not making as many faux pas or mixing up your words, and picking up hotties is easier than ever. Sunday’s great for Tauruses who are looking for romance rather than just sexy fun, thanks to the lovey-dovey connection between the Sun and dreamy Neptune. Whether you’re single, boo’d up, looking for love, or in the mood for a fling, this weekend’s astro-weather is giving you a serious boost!


When the Moon enters Aries on Saturday, prepare for your life to speed up (in a good way)! This transit encourages you to connect with others, so whether you’re hitting on your crush or chatting with a new match on your fav dating app, you can expect to have a good time! Your ruling planet, Mercury, finally ends its retrograde on Sunday, meaning that all of the miscommunications and misunderstandings holding you back for the past three weeks are finally over, and you can focus on your love life. Venus has been in your sign for a hot minute now (thanks to its retrograde, which ended a couple of weeks ago), trying to help you improve your love life. Now that most of the planetary drama is finally dying down, you can fully take advantage of the planet of love’s vibes. Give yourself a makeover! Ask your crush out! Masturbate! Send a sexy snap or two to your boo! When Venus is in your sign, the world is your oyster as far as your love life goes. Take advantage of it while you still can!


You’re feeling more extroverted than usual tonight, thanks to the Moon hanging out in like-minded water sign Pisces. Coming out of your shell isn’t hard at all with these Pisces Moon vibes helping you out, so if you’re single and ready to mingle, you’re not hesitating even one second to slide into your crush’s DMs. Even better, Mercury Retrograde has been stirring sh*t up in your sign for the past few weeks, but it finally ends on Sunday. Get all your fav cheesy pickup lines ready, because others are going to love connecting with you. There are potential transformations happening in your love life this week. The cosmic action with Jupiter and Pluto on Tuesday and Wednesday is a huuuuuuuge signal that major changes are coming to your one-on-one relationships. Instead of waiting around for a change, think about the ways your love life could be different (in a good way), and initiate the action yourself. If you want to DTR with someone you’ve been seeing, all you have to do is start that “What are we?” conversation. If you want to upgrade your already existing ‘ship, just talk about it. Your relationship status can potentially change with this transit, so seize the day, Cancer!


The vibe tonight is extremely intimate for you, Leo. The Pisces Moon is filling you to the brim with emotion, and you want nothing more than to feel a sense of ~entanglement~ with your partner. If you’re in a relationship, this romantic, sexy energy can help you get way closer to boo (and make sex together last a long time and feel infinitely more erotic), but if you’re single, this Pisces Moon can make it easy to catch major feelings for a fling, JSYK. The Moon enters Aries on Saturday, creating an atmosphere that is way less touchy-feely and way more upbeat and exciting. You can still have fun with your boo, though—all you have to do is try something new! This is a wonderful opportunity to spice up your love life by switching up who’s on top/bottom, throwing on some sexy lingerie, or picking up a few new toys to fool around with. Try anything that makes sex a little bit different from your usual routine, and you can’t go wrong this week!


Having fun with your boo has never been easier than it is tonight, Virgo, because the Pisces Moon’s vibes are making it super easy for you to connect on a deep, meaningful level. The vibe is erotic, and once the Moon enters spicy Aries on Saturday, things get even hotter! There’s a ton of potential for really, really great sex this weekend—you’re feeling a sense of entanglement with your boo, and you’re feeling pretty romantic, too. Obvs this is wonderful for all the Virgos out there that are boo’d up, but if you’re single, you can take advantage of this astro-weather, too. If you’re looking to DTR with someone you’ve been seeing for a while, you can upgrade your situationship to something more significant this weekend. If you’re just looking for a fling, you can have an amazing time doing that right now, too, but JSYK, you’re pretty likely to catch major feelings!


Tonight’s pretty “meh” as far as love and sex goes, because the Pisces Moon is encouraging you to pay more attention to work and responsibilities. But once the Moon enters fiery Aries on Saturday, you are all about getting your flirt on! Any kind of planetary action in Aries directly impacts your relationship, Libra, and this Aries Moon is doing a great job of helping you to focus on your love life. If you want to spend the whole weekend getting it on with your partner, go for it! If you want a little more romance in your love life, do something sweet and cute with your boo. If you want to meet someone, connecting with new faces is easier than ever. Life’s been pretty crazy lately (especially with Mercury Retrograde, which, BTW, finally ends on Sunday), but this weekend is a nice little moment of reprieve from your hectic day-to-day life. Plan to spend time with someone you like a lot—enjoy it!


Take advantage of tonight’s Pisces Moon, Scorpio, because it’s giving your love life a major glow-up! The vibe is both romantic and pretty dang sexy, so if you wanna have a cute date night with your boo or just get it on, the stars are aligned in your favor. Mercury Retrograde ends on Sunday, helping diminish the craziness of your everyday life, and there’s a remarkable connection between the Sun and dreamy Neptune happening at the same time. The Sun harmonizes with Neptune like this only twice per year, and it’s basically sending you the same lovey-dovey, sensual vibes that the Pisces Moon did, but multiplied by a billion. You never let anyone see you sweat, but this weekend, you’re letting your walls down so you can connect with someone on a really deep, meaningful level. This transit encourages you to dissolve boundaries and get super close with someone in a romantic and/or sexual context, so whether you’re going on a first date, trading sexy photos with a FWB, or just spending time with your S.O., expect to have an amazing time. There’s just one teensy-weensy issue with this transit to watch out for. Neptune’s influence wants you to dissolve boundaries, and that includes physical boundaries. You might be tempted to break social distancing or have unprotected sex during this transit, so stop, think, and use your brain! Other than that, this weekend is a pleasant one, and you should enjoy it.


You’re feeling like a total homebody tonight, Sagittarius. Stay in bed and relax, because the Moon is entering Aries tomorrow, and you’ll want your batteries to be fully charged for this high-energy transit. When the Moon is in Aries, your need to give and receive affection skyrockets, your sex drive goes through the roof, and you feel more ready for action than ever, so getting it on with someone sexy is at the top of your to-do list! You might feel hesitant at first, because Mercury Retrograde has been screwing around with your sex life for the past few weeks, but guess what? The retrograde officially ends on Sunday, so you have free rein to do whatever (and whoever) you want this weekend! If you’re a single Sag, however, be careful. This week’s astro-weather is pretty emo, and catching feelings for a fling is a given. You have a rep for being very anti-commitment, but this week’s vibe is making you want to connect with others on a really deep, meaningful level. While this is great for romance and doing cute, lovey-dovey stuff with your special someone, if you’re happily single and don’t want to get in any kind of relationship/situationship, you might want to be careful this week.


Tonight’s Pisces Moon is helping you connect with others, so if you’re single, get ready to mingle! Capricorn, I gotta hand it to you, you’ve gone through some sh*t for the past, like, forever. Your love life has especially suffered over the past few weeks, thanks to Mercury Retrograde, but I have good news—Mercury Retrograde ends officially on Sunday! If you’ve been having drama with an ex, struggling to connect with your boo, or been caugght in a love drought lately, prepare for your woes to start disappearing. This, plus the dreamy connection between the Sun and Neptune, also on Sunday, isn’t really the sexiest astro-weather, but it’s great for all things ~romantic~! You’re making deep and meaningful connections this week, Capricorn, whether you’re single or taken. Plus, you’re having extremely intimate experiences with your special someone, in and out of the bedroom. You might get overwhelmed by all of this sudden action in your love life, try to have fun—you deserve it after such a tough past few weeks!


Tonight, you’re just ~vibing~ and probs aren’t in a sexy mood, but when the Moon enters fired-up Aries tomorrow, you’re ready for action! You can really spice up your love life this weekend if you take advantage of the Aries Moon’s influence. If you’re single, it’s easier than ever to make new connection—you’ll have a great time flirting with your latest Tinder matches, sliding into your crush’s DMs, or sending sexy pics. If you’re already boo’d up, this astro-weather has you and bae both feeling pretty horned up. You can have a ton of fun throwing some dirty talk in when you’re getting it on, or (just like those single Aquariuseses out there) sexting or sending nudie cuties to each other.


The Moon in your sign tonight is helping you to live your very best life, because the astro-atmosphere’s vibes are harmonizing with you beautifully. Basically, you’re thriving, and swiping on the apps/flirting with your crush/having a romantic date night with your S.O. is super easy to pull off. Mercury Retrograde may have screwed around with your love life for the past few weeks, but it’s officially over on Sunday, making it even easier to get your flirt on or have fun with your boo, in or out of the bedroom. The Sun in Cancer is harmonizing with Neptune in your sign this weekend, too. This isn’t the sexiest transit, really, but it does allow for a ton of romance and helps you to make deep, emotional connections with others. If you’re boo’d up, this is extremely helpful for your relationship, but if you’re just looking for a fling, be careful—you’re almost guaranteed to catch feelings in emo astro-weather!

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