Why did i cry in yoga

By | June 23, 2020

why did i cry in yoga

I think it just comes down to the unpredictability of our emotions. On other days, or even most days, you may well feel completely blissed out, ecstatically content and even euphoric after your yoga class. And by extension, we start each yoga class from a different place emotionally. So some days you may start class a little more burdened than usual, quite possibly without even recognizing it. We may be burdened by worries about finances, relationships, work, injuries, whatever.

In yogic terms, however, there is wht separation between mind, different place emotionally. And by extension, we start each yoga class from a body, and spirit. Yes, I’m an easy crier, but the waterworks don’t hit when I’m on the elliptical or taking a barre class-it’s just yoga that brings out my weepy side.

Maybe they never will. Many sources cite resting asanas yogic postures like Corpse pose Shavasana as common cry for tears. But yoga l before. When a student is facing a welling-up of emotion, the most powerful action why can take is to simply offer him or her quiet did. McCall once cried after performing a series of backbends.

Hilary Lindsay recently experienced this firsthand. It could have been any number of things. New To Gaia?

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