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Why did i cry in yoga

I think it just comes down to the unpredictability of our emotions. On other days, or even most days, you may well feel completely blissed out, ecstatically content and even euphoric after your yoga class. And by extension, we start each yoga class from a different place emotionally. So some days you may start class… Read More »

What is katonah yoga

Our Certified Katonah Yoga teachers are experienced to welcome students that are katonah new to yoga or to Katonah Yoga. Helpful tips for before you take your first class My what tip is to have an open mind and be available for the experience. Meet Nevine Nevine Katonah, Founder and creator of Katonah Yoga yoga… Read More »

Can yoga damage your hips

Hip injuries are a pretty hot topic in yoga. I remember a little while back reading William J. One doctor, Dr. So how do these injuries happen? Most of it is simple wear and tear. Poses by Level. One doctor, Dr. My first subscription samage Damage Journal was at Made with on planet earth. Help… Read More »

Can you do yoga when on period

If you are menstruating, honor your body by avoiding or modifying these yoga poses. Is it safe to go upside down when you’re having your period? Why you should consider swapping inversions for restorative yoga poses during your period. Poses by Anatomy. Poses by Level. The Yoga for You. Types of Poses. Yoga Sequences. Yoga… Read More »