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News from the Consumer Technology Association and Withings Further Demonstrates Private Sector’s Role in the Pandemic and Public Health

This week, announcements from the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) and Withings further bolster the case for the private sector bolstering public health in this pandemic…and future ones to come beyond the Age of the Coronavirus. Since the pandemic emerged, CTA has been reaching out to members and stakeholders to be a useful resource for the… Read More »

Al Interviews Joe Dwyer | Author, Animal Chaplain, Certified Pet Loss Counselor, Dog Trainer & Public Speaker

In this episode, Al interviews Joe Dwyer, author, animal chaplain, certified pet loss counselor, dog trainer, and public speaker (recorded 11-18-19). Joe describes growing up with psoriasis that covered his body from head to toe. Due to his extreme case of psoriasis, classmates referred to Joe as, “The Creeping Crud”. Joe describes how, as an… Read More »