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Spending on Medicines In and Post-COVID Say a Lot About Patients and Larger Healthcare Trends – an IQVIA Update

Spending on medicines, globally, will rebound this year and rise above pre-pandemic levels through 2025. Between 2021 and 2025, the annual growth global growth rate for prescription drugs spending is expected to range from 3% to 6%, a $ 1.6 trillion bill for the worlds’s total Rx medicines market. That relatively low single-digit growth rate… Read More »

Dramatic procedure price differences in Ohio relate to larger price issues

The price for the same procedure can vary greatly depending on where a patient goes, according to research from The Center for Community Solutions. The study compared the pricing for six different procedures – inpatient appendectomy, inpatient bypass surgery, angioplasty, total joint replacement, cesarean sections and normal delivery – from Ohio’s 206 hospitals. The most… Read More »