Why is antibacterial soap harmful

But major spoiler alert: All soap kills germs—not just ones with these ingredients. Theme: Color Blog by Mystery Themes. We don’t yet know how triclosan affects humans and more research is needed. With its refreshing oregano scent, Aromavita Antibacterial Oregano Oil Soap is also effective at removing odor even from trouble spots like hardworking feet.… Read More »

When did malaria peak

FACT: Malaria death tolls are nothing like what they used to be, but did you know we still don’t have a malaria vaccine? More people at risk of malaria in Africa are sleeping under an ITN. Most appear to be in immigrants who have made summer or Christmas visits to their home countries without taking… Read More »

Why hold multivitamin before surgery

Vitamin K1 may also be important for cell-to-cell communication. The navigation menu has been collapsed. One to two weeks before surgery, you may have been told to stop taking blood thinners. Malabsorption: some vitamins and minerals may not be absorbed as well post-surgery so your requirements can be higher than before. Coenzyme Q10 is found in… Read More »