Laser Lipo – Is it for You?

By | September 20, 2020

When you decide that laser liposuction may be for you, do research to find the best surgeon in your area.

Liposuction is one of the most popular forms of cosmetic surgery. There are few people that do not wish to be rid of stubborn fatty deposits that are impossible to lose through conventional means. For people who are searching for something different than the run of the mill surgery, the option of laser liposuction is definitely appealing.

What are the benefits of laser liposuction?

1. When a patient undergoes laser liposuction, it is a fairly straightforward procedure. A probe or cannula is inserted into the area of fatty deposits via a small hole. The laser destroys the fat cells, and it is removed by drainage or squeezing. The body naturally gets rid of the remainder. The use of a low-level laser means that no damage will result to any of the surrounding tissues. In addition, general anesthesia is not given during laser lipo, as it is with conventional liposuction. This cuts down the risks that are entailed with anesthesia.

2. Recovery time for laser liposuction is dramatically reduced. Instead of a patient having to wait weeks to return to normal activities, they can be on their feet in a matter of a couple days. The pain that patients generally experience with normal liposuction is less also. The healing process begins quickly, and the amount of discomfort is greatly reduced.

3. No one can deny the safety of laser liposuction. Although traditional liposuction is not considered risky by any means, the chances of complications are further diminished by the use of the laser as a non-intrusive procedure. The benefits of laser liposuction are furthered by the fact that no scars will be present from the procedure.

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4. With traditional fat loss surgeries, loose skin is a major problem. One often has to return to the surgeon at a later time to have the skin removed, thus another surgery must be undergone. Many times, several surgeries may have to be performed to rid the body of loose skin. With laser lipo, no loose skin is there to deal with, since the laser doesn’t tear fat cells as traditional surgeries do. You are left only with the body you want.

Everyone wants a body they can feel good having. When diet and exercise are not enough to banish fat deposits from the waist, chin, thighs, bra strap area, or back, laser lipo may be the answer to your dilemma. You can have the look you desire, without a complicated and painful recovery period. No scars will be visible, and you can return to your life sooner.

When you decide that laser liposuction may be for you, do research to find the best surgeon in your area. There is very little that cannot be found on the Internet about surgeons, and knowing your doctor beforehand can make the experience much more satisfying, and make it less likely that your opinions will not mesh. Talk to your surgeon, and be certain that they are well qualified, and they are the most suited to your individual circumstances.

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