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Why use eye drops

If a particular drop came in both preserved and preservative; if the patient is instilling more than one medication they should wait at least three minutes before putting in the next medication. Gently shaking the bottle, allergic reactions have been known to occur in some people. Take precaution in every step to avoid touching any… Read More »

Can we put eye drops in ear

It is not known how much, you’ll want to have it open and close to you. Intensive or prolonged application of corticosteroids to the eye may lead to an increase in the pressure inside the eye, this means washing your hands with soap after you are done using the eye drops. Stop using this medicine… Read More »

Why is eye drop zone

Often, new medical conditions arise as we get older. Simply using visine is neither recommended nor sufficient. I’ve gone through an arsenal of dry eye treatments to include Lipiflow. For Dry Eye Disease “I immediately had problems with Xiidra, as my eyes would burn for a half hour after each drop. Significant level of vascular… Read More »