Can stress cause a migraine

By | July 8, 2020

can stress cause a migraine

More than 40 years of data have established the relationship between stress and migraine. Stress can play many roles in migraine. It can exacerbate migraine attack frequency or be a premonitory feature, prognostic factor, or a consequence of an attack. In addition, stress can be a risk factor for the onset of migraine and is a common trigger. Other data suggest that migraine attacks may result from a combination of triggers, rather than from one trigger. Participants kept a headache diary for 14 months. The data suggested that women were more susceptible to stress in the premenstrual period.

Taylor F. By Mayo Clinic Staff. Kelman L. It involves learning how to monitor and control your body’s responses to stress, such as lowering heart rate and easing muscle tension. All A-Z health topics.

Language Assistance Available. Two classes of drugs that doctors often try first are. References 1. The symptoms of this stage may include. Corticosteroids are sometimes used with other srress to treat severe migraines.

Amouroux R, Rousseau-Salvador C. It can cause mood changes that range from euphoria and feeling very happy to feeling tired and worn out. Why Do I Pretend to be Well?

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