3 takes on dealing with uncertainty

In this time of profound uncertainty, society can be sure of one thing: more uncertainty. The seemingly opaque path forward for us, individually and collectively, was the Gazette’s topic with three Harvard professors who shared insights into how uncertainty is viewed in their fields, and the surprising ways in which it’s not necessarily a bad… Read More »

Can use stress relief valve

The best way to introduce pressure release valve experiences or ideas is when children are calm and relaxed. Heat smooth rocks at o. Collect flowers and leaves. Take slow breaths and imagine the butterfly coming to rest, even going to sleep. These are all activities that can recharge my batteries and get me back to… Read More »

Bubonic plague cases confirmed in China

Health News The Yersinia pestis bacterium responsible for bubonic plague (Photo: Adobe stock) Just when you thought there was only one communicable disease to worry about, here comes more news out of China about another one. This time, it’s the bubonic plague, a name that conjures up fear as it was also called the ‘Black… Read More »

When to expect weight loss after pregnancy

Combining a healthful diet with regular physical activity can promote healthy weight weight. Affer Care Weight Control. I started keeping yogurts there loss would have expect for dessert instead of ice cream. Pregnancy Danielle; New York, New York Lost: 80 pounds in after months When I was down to the last 10 pounds, I increased… Read More »