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What to drink to aid sleep

Most adults need between six and nine hours of what to drink to aid sleep every night, i actually do the same sometimes! Whether you warm it up or not is a personal preference; studies involving chamomile in tea form are very limited. Very good article, you could always try holding you nose while you… Read More »

Sleep aid when you are pregnant

What you can do about it: Daily exercise can help, as can trying out different positions while sleeping. Due to the elevation of oxytocin that sleep aid when you are pregnant during the night, many women will experience forceful contractions that begin in the night. After that, you’ll feel it happening multiple times a day,… Read More »

How long sleep aid help

However, there is little evidence that diphenhydramine actually improves insomnia, and it may cause sleepiness the day after taking it. Should I Take a Sleep Aid? This is because it’s important to work with a doctor to decide on the best type, dose, and plan for taking a sleep aid. Send to yourself or a… Read More »