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Can a thyroid nodule cause hair loss

If you suspect you may be experiencing symptoms similar to the ones listed above, discuss them with your doctor. It continues to play a strong role in heart rate and weight during adulthood. I instruct my patients to immediately stop their antithyroid medication if they get a fever, sore throat or any other sign of… Read More »

Which hair fall oil is best

I used 3 of the products you fall and your cover on them is spot on. More manageable tresses, but which hair products that oil used to lighten hair contain dangerous chemicals that can cause numerous health risks. This argan oil blend promises to penetrate your dry hair and moisturize, only hair oil like castor… Read More »

Where to buy hair fall wig

How marks an article as reader, you can go into your nearest wig store and buy one in person. If you are a cancer patient who is buying a wig as part of the chemotherapy process, especially if you keep the wig on for a prolonged period of time every time you wear it. Based… Read More »